Welcome to my site!

StudiobI am an artist, musician and unashamed tech-head/Nerd. Over the years I have had different sites spread about the internet, so I thought maybe instead, I would try to bring all my passions together into one place!

This blog and site will contain updates/videos about my art and paintings , my music, gigs, recordings and videos, and progress (if any!) on tech projects that I am working on.

I hope to replace this waffle with an introductory video instead  (soon as I have time!)

Hopefully some of what I post will be of interest to some people, comments and criticism especially welcome.

Thanks for visiting!

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Artistic Britain – Making some of my work available as Prints and Homeware

ArtisticBritain Logo

A selection of my work is published by Artistic Britain as Wall art (prints on canvas, metal and glass) as well as homeware such as placemats, coasters, chopping boards etc.

Artistic Britain represents a small select group of artists and designers.

You can visit their site here and see a range of products in selected high street chains in the UK.

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Daily Painting – Jug And Fruit, Oil on panel

Jug, orange and lemon, oil on MDF panel 6″ x 6″ (15cm x 15cm). This painting is for sale by auction, pick up a bargain here!


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Daily Painting Apple Study Oil on Panel (SOLD)

Small 6″x 6″ (15cm x 15cm) apple study on MDF panel (SOLD)
Follow my blog to see more of these daily paintings auctioned weekly.


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Wet Paint – currently On The Easel

Seven Marbles

Oil on canvas 24″x24″ (60cm x 60cm). Hopefully should be finished by the time the bespoke frame arrives! Just this stage and then a glazing stage should see it finished. Oh and reworking the background


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Nature sounds CDs for relaxation, meditation or as an aid to sleep.

This video is just a short ten minute excerpt from the Sixty Beats CD ‘Rainforest- Monsoon” from their Sounds Of Nature Series.

These CDs are designed for relaxation, meditation and therapies, noise masking or just as a great aid to sleep for kids or those insomniacs amongst us!
Recorded from real natural sources the Cds run at over 60 minutes each and are available in Jewel Case retails packs, Clear sleeve budget versions, box sets and also as MP3 downloads.

The range includes Storm, Birdsong, Ocean, Rain, Rainforest, Log Fire, Wind and English country Garden. All CDs can be previewed, even on ebay via the embedded player.

Available from their ebay store : ebay.co.uk/Sixty-Beats

or for the full range plus digital download versions www.sixtybeats.com

The website also contains links to interesting articles relating to music therapy, sleep disorders and more.

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MCU to FPGA – Mind shift!!

Having developed projects and products based around Microchip™ MCU’s, I have a hankering to move over to FPGA’s. This requires a total mind shift in the way the software is used to control the hardware in that FPGA’s have no function until ‘wired’ internally by software to perform functions.

I am currently trying to decide which way to go to move forward, but I like the look of the Altera products and they do seem to be the name that crops up all the time. Software is open source and free.


This is the Cyclone II development board from Altera, but there are many other makers of a wide variety of dev boards, including the Chinese versions at rock bottom prices. What you pay depends on what you require on board. The basic boards really just consist of the FPGA and a few components, to those with display headers, buttons leds etc. so prices range from a few pounds to several hundred pounds. The board pictured costs around $200.

The one downside when switching to FPGAs is that when power is disconnected, wave bye bye to the program! Unlike an MCU which retains it’s programming in flash, FPGA’s require external static memory to retain the programming at power off.

I’ll post more on my progress (or not!) as I go along.

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Latest Painting – Grisaille with a splash of colour

Violin Girl 3

Winter Melody

Well it’s been a week or so since I mentioned this new series, but this one has taken longer than I thought! That time has mostly been taken up struggling a bit to find the right composition and level of detail.

This series is about musicians in non musical settings, grisaille (grey scale) painting with a splash of added colour in one place.

This piece is 48″x48″ (120cm x 120cm) Acrylic on canvas and is available from artgallery.co.uk.

I welcome all comments and criticism so please leave me your thoughts, good or not.!

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